Thursday, 4 September 2014

22nd June 2014: Weston-Super-Mare Airshow

"Well worth the wait": XH558 performs a beautiful
display at Weston-Super-Mare.
Armed Forces Day at Weston-super-Mare proved to be another successful air show last weekend, with XH558 closing the event with a breathtaking display.

Crowds of over 120,000 spectators quickly formed along the promenade for the event, which was filled with some marvellous displays, and performances from gymnasts, singers and many other acts in the arena.

Unfortunately, due to some mechanical problems with the hydraulic system – which were quickly solved by our engineering and logistics teams – not to mention some minor issues with refuelling, XH558 was delayed by 30 minutes, and thus was unable to take part in the Big Jet Formation alongside the Venom and the Canberra.

Again, the public demonstrated the amount of respect and loyalty they have towards XH558, and the majority of spectators appeared unfazed by the delay; they were merely relieved that she was going to fly. And at about 5:30pm, the patient audience were rewarded with yet another outstanding display from their beloved aircraft.

The Vulcan mini-village was located close to the arena and was swarmed soon after the display to talk about the display. It was described by many to be “well worth the wait”.

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